Global equality is an important topic in the new century, as growing inequality both within and between nations call for drastic changes to how we deal with contemporary challenges. This includes international cooperation in taxation as well as altered and fair business practices. The same applies to climate change, the greatest challenge faced today, which calls for a new approach to energy use and carbon dioxide emissions.


The Icelandic government should reject armed interventions, advocate for international peace agreements and disarmament as well as combat weapons production. The government can also support a more peaceful world by greatly increasing the amount of funding it allocates for development cooperation.


Better world trade

Let us reject international free trade agreements that transfer power from the people over to corporations. Let us improve international cooperation in taxation, ensuring increased transparency and more effective tax collection. Iceland should be leading the global effort against tax havens. Both actions would increase equality.


Let us strengthen development cooperation

Iceland should participate generously in development cooperation and greatly increase its funding, in accordance with the development goals of the United Nations.


Let us welcome more refugees

There are more and more people in the world fleeing war and the repercussions of climate change. Iceland needs to shoulder its part of the shared responsibilities. That is why we must welcome significantly more refugees, or at least 500 per year. Conditions need to be levelised between asylum seekers and refugees relocated through quotas. The new law on foreigners needs to be fully implemented by ensuring sufficient funding and manpower.


Peaceful solutions

Iceland should remain outside of military alliances, always advocate for peace in the international community and encourage political solutions to disputes.